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Sweet Treat Soap Trio Gift Box
Sweet Treat Soap Trio Gift Box
Peace On Po

Sweet Treat Soap Trio Gift Box


A sweet smelling box of soap that will be hard to resist. All of the best tasty winter drinks in soap form. The may smell delicious, but don't eat the soap. :)

Included in this box:

1 Hot Cocoa Artisan Soap Bar

Rich notes of delectable chocolate, melted butter and brown sugar studded with nuances of roasted nuts, caramel and french vanilla. 

1 Roasted Coffee Artisan Soap Bar

An intoxicating aroma from brewed coffee and roasted coffee oil with a gentle exfoliation for coffee grounds swirled into the soap. 

1 Salted Caramel Artisan Soap Bar

A subtle blend of thick salted caramel blended with notes of creamy vanilla and sweet honey. 

1 Peace, Love and Plants Vinyl Sticker

A durable, water resistant sticker to decorate your favorite water bottle, notebook or laptop. And we have tested them through the dishwasher with no issues. :)

1 Natural, Organic Loofah Soap Sock

An all-natural, organic bag to place your soap bar in for the bath or shower. It functions as a built in wash cloth for gentle exfoliation and to get the most from your soap bar as it dwindles down to the very last bit.

*All of the sweet treats utilize natural fragrance oil, which is non-synthetic and plant derived. And as always, our soaps are naturally colored, naturally fragranced, palm oil free and vegan.

Packaged in a beautifully appointed box and ready for your gift-giving! Decorations and ribbon around box may vary.

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