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Lean Into The Pause

Written by Kelsey Trausch


Posted on April 10 2018

I am restless. I can feel it stirring. I'm craving change. A change in weather, a change in scenery, just a change. I can feel it reverberating through my home too. The kids are ready; ready to feel the grass under their feet, for new explorations, to have the freedom that comes with the long days of sunshine. Frankly, we are all feeling the itch.

I see this as a time for pause though. To sit in the stillness. To practice patience. As from this pause, the greatest growth happens. And in the moment when I feel I can be patient no more; the season will change, new adventures will begin and we will slip into a slower pace of living. And as the great soul musician Sam Cooke once sang, "It's been a long time coming, but I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will."  I smile and think to myself, "yes indeed Sam, yes indeed." 

But I'm learning, that when I really lean into the stillness, I find the greatest inspiration. My mind starts to race with new product ideas, new ingredients, new scent profiles. I start creating and I can breathe. It turns out to be my creative process. My cycle of making. My way of bringing forth the artistic thoughts living in my soul. (And yes, this means some new goods are brewing!) :)

So if you find yourself restless, lean in fiercely. Sit in the stillness. You may be surprised at the positive things that bloom. Good things may be just right around  the corner, including the change you are craving. 



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